The cellar and the barrel room

The winery is where modern research blends with the old traditional practices handed down from father to son by Paolino. We have great respect for the natural development of our wines, for the rhythms of the seasons and their conditions, such as rain, temperature, wind, and finally for the lunar phases. The philosophy we follow in our vineyard management entails pruning according to lunar phases, ridging the topsoil around the vines, and growing grass between the rows.  In the winery, cutting edge winemaking methods and technology complements tradition without ever losing sight of the beliefs and values handed down from father to son.

The wine cellar is where the magic happens. It is where the young wines are allowed to rest and develop into fine, mature and stern wines. Time and lots of patience: the treasures of knowledge. The wine evolves. From acacia to French oak, a careful selection of wood for our wines to mature in barriques and tonneaux and reach the perfect balance. Ageing enhances the terroir and the characteristics of the variety, which develop to become the unmistakeable sensory traits that define the Colli di Poianis style.