The Estate

We were extremely lucky to be born here on the "Colli di Poianis" estate, surrounded by unspoilt woods and lush vineyards, and immersed in the delicate scents of wild herbs and flowers. This is where we start our days and where we make our wine and our history. This is where you can come and relax and enjoy the blissful sunset. The countless paths that criss cross the fields adjoining the Collio and Friuli Colli Orientali DOC areas, and stretching up to bordering Slovenia are perfect for long walks and relaxing bike rides 



immersed in nature.                                                                  Riding a bicycle, available from the bike shed, or strolling  along the paths, you can come join us in the vineyards or explore the surroundings at your own pace. Bosco Romagno, the ancient woodland with fine oak trees and old chestnut trees stretches up to the top of the hill. Overhead, among the clouds, you can catch the watchful gaze of the buzzards, who nest in this area every year giving it its name.