The story of a dream,
from the beginnings to Risit d'Aur.

"Colli di Poianis" a dream passed down from father to sons. Paolino pursued his dream for seventy-seven years and Gabriele was able to accomplish it in 1991.          From that day on, we have been tending the family vineyards with great passion and awareness. Everithing, from the marvellously appointed south east-facing 

vineyards to the smallest blade of grass is about our heritage. In 1981 we were awarded the prestigious Nonino Risit d'Aur Prize, for having planted one of the first new vineyards to Schioppettino with the commitment to enhance the native varieties of grapes, a great achievement that celebrated Paolino's mature and far-sighted wisdome. 

Our wine card

We are fully committed not only to re-introducing native varieties that were abandoned in the past but also to preserving the land and its heritage in the original state. Indeed, the rolling hill slopes, lush green paths and thriving vineyards, as a whole, have created an ecologically balanced ecosystem where biodiversity can thrive. The heart and soul of these vineyards translate into our wines. Cultural heritage and a true sense of place, in a bottle!

Our Agriturismo

The beautifully renovated old farm house enjoys a wonderful view over the gently sloping vineyards and the countryside below. Here, peace and quiet reign supreme. The slow, majestic flight of buzzards and the mewing calls that pierce the sky do nothing but enhance the feeling of unspoilt nature. Indeed, these rapacious birds have since ancient times been a distinctive and welcome presence. Down below, where the slopes turn into plain, the slow-moving river adds to the microclimate making it ideal for winegrowing and pleasant for those who love the outdoors. The winery is located on the estate where countless paths and tracks criss-crossing the vineyards and woods invite you to take a jog or walk all year round. Here you can get lost in nature and surprisingly find yourself.

The Tasting Room

Paying a visit to our Tasting Room is the ideal way to get to know our wines and meet us, the winemakers. Immersed in a quite, calm and relaxing atmosphere it is the perfect place where sip and savour our meditative red wines, or discover how the scents that fill the air in the vineyards can be traced in the aromas of our white wines. To book a guided tasting feel free to contact us by phone.

Visit us
and indulge in daydreaming

With a variety of paths through peaceful vineyards, to explore on foot, bike, Colli di Poianis is an ideal location for those who wish to discover the hidden gems of the Friuli Colli Orientali DOC zone. Vineyards, fields and shady woods where breathe in the scent of wild herbs and flowers, and feel relaxed under the watchful gaze of the buzzards. 

Schioppettino: our red wine
and the signature wine of the territory

It is the native red wine grape through which this territory expresses its own distinctive character. We were the first to believe it and since then it has rightly become our flagship label.   

The winery and the barrel cellar

Close by the guest accomodation there is the winery: it is here that the grapes are received during the harvest period, here that they are crafted into wine, and here that the wine ages and matures to perfection. 

Our guest accomodation: immersed in a landscape of vineyards,
each accomodation has the name of a wild herb. Have a look!

Lavanda - Room, Pungitopo - Apartment, Ginepro - Apartment, Rosmarino - Apartment. Each accomodation has a slightly different décor and layout, but all retain the same charm and high level of comfort. The guest apartments are self catering with kitchenette and dining table, just right for you to enjoy an informal relaxing weekend getaway ora a longer holiday.



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